Camping – Expert Insights

ResortsNormally the large type of caravan or campsite that offer its own entertainment and facilities, for example, Swimming pools, Play parks, Spa, etc.

CampsitesStandard caravans or campsite with the necessary facilities, for example, a campsite in a nature reserve.

Wilderness CampNo facilities. Just a designated spot to pitch your tent. You will normally find a pioneers camp on a 4×4 trail.

Bush CampBasic facilities normally with cold showers, long drop toilet and are normally situated far from civilisation.

Municipal CampCaravan or campsite run by the local authority and can be a resort or a standard campsite.

BackPackers CampsiteCamping facilities offered by backpacker lodges. We also include campsites on 4×4 trails.

For more Africa travellers, especially those on a more limited budget, we arrange self-drive family safari holidays in South Africa, Cape and Namibia. We’ve had great success with our own children on safaris which include some stops at self-catering rest camps, where you can cook your own dinner over our own campfire – it can be magical!

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