Perfect Tips for Cheap Travel

Given your budget status, I would suggest that you plan your trip to South Africa. Adding Tanzania, Mauritius or Madagascar will seriously increase your budget – international travel within Africa is expensive, bureaucratic and time-consuming. You may wish to add Zimbabwe or Zambia if going to Victoria Falls is a must. Mozambique’s a possibility although in November you will be able to do a “beach bit” in SA.

A couple of questions that will help us make realistic suggestions because one person’s ideal day might be someone else’s hell.

1. Have you any idea of overall budget excluding flights?

2. Are you able/willing/ planning to drive a hire car?

3. Do you like water sports, hiking, etc?

4. History, culture?

5. Backpackers or small hotels

We travel independently and love SA. We self-plan and stay in modest accommodation, eat simply, avoid school holidays, visit the coast, go walking, enjoy game viewing, spend time in one major city and its surrounding area (usually CT or Durban), drive around in a VW Polo, and there is still enough to keep us busy.

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