Camping – Expert Insights

Resorts: Normally the large type of caravan or campsite that offers its own entertainment and facilities, for example, Swimming pools, Play parks, Spa, etc.

Campsites: Standard caravans or campsite with the necessary facilities, for example, a campsite in a nature reserve.

Wilderness Camp: No facilities. Just a designated spot to pitch your tent. You will normally find a pioneers camp on a 4×4 trail.

Bush Camp: Basic facilities normally with cold showers, long drop toilets and are normally situated far from civilization.

Municipal Camp: Caravan or campsite run by the local authority and can be a resort or a standard campsite.

BackPackers Campsite: Camping facilities offered by backpacker lodges. We also include campsites on 4×4 trails.

For more Africa travelers, especially those on a more limited budget, we arrange self-drive family safari holidays in South Africa, Cape, and Namibia. We’ve had great success with our own children on safaris which include some stops at self-catering rest camps, where you can cook your own dinner over our own campfire – it can be magical!

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