Behave in Foreign Land?

When visiting one of the countries in Southern Africa, behave and make sure you know the rules of the road. Make sure you received Safety Tips for your trip to an Africa country!

From beachfront destinations and under-water shark diving to world-class wild safaris and awe-inspiring geologic formations, Southern Africa is an exciting place to visit, but it’s certainly not the place to lose your head.

Often driving in Southern Africa can be incident-free but there is always an exception to the rule: wildlife, roadside scams, poor rural roads and more. Keep jewelry and expensive clothes to a minimum. Don‘t flash cash when dealing with street vendors or frankly anytime. (For example) trade your big fancy camera and lenses for a point and shoot pocket model. If you see a big, loud, angry-sounding demonstration or mob, turn the other way and keep away, no matter how curious you may be. Know where you’re going – don’t wander around aimlessly. In many parts of the town (in Windhoek, Cape Town, and Johannesburg, etc…), the good and bad neighborhoods are often one block away from each other.

Phones can be hired, or a good 3G-enabled phone and SIM card can be bought at any airport. If you are social-media savvy, you can enhance your holiday experience with real-time updating of all your networks.

Make your journey a memorable one!!

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