Luxury Tours in Southern Africa?

As Africa’s luxury safari travel specialists, you can count on our Safari Experts to plan the best luxury vacation around your tastes and preferences. For the extreme adventurer starts here, with early mornings getting warm by the fire, having that well-brewed cup of coffee, planning the day ahead, not knowing what kind of tracks or animals we might find, with the sun just peeping over the treetops as we drive and the stalk that might follow in the coming minutes or hours, sneaking up-close and personal to the experience of a lifetime, making that perfect shot, following the trail and finding your trophy.

Amazed and in awe of the raw beauty of your hard-earned, long-desired quarry, only to realize the privilege we have to live in such a beautiful country. Expect a tour package that delivers Africa’s top safari attractions wrapped in superb service and perfect comfort. We’ve personally tried and tested the accommodation and activities we recommend to make sure that your African vacation is filled with big game thrills, smooth and safe logistics, and luxurious comforts.

We have made many dreams come true, so are you the next? Tell us about your dreams?

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