Hiking Trails in Southern Africa

Southern Africa offers many hiking trails, and with all the spectacular scenery on offer choosing the best hiking trails is neigh impossible.

Okay, it's a subjective title - each person has their own favourite hiking trail and region. This was originally meant to be the best hikes in Southern Africa, but with so many great ones it was hard to choose. So these are just some suggestions of the most popular hiking trails within South Africa.

We all have different levels of fitness and this can be an important factor in choosing a hiking route. Some of the routes can be very challenging. Your comfort is also important, many of these hikes can take several days and whether you are staying in comfortable accommodation, camping or even roughing it in a natural cave all depends on personal taste and will dictate what route you choose.

However, don't let the lack of creature comforts put you off going as the scenery and experience more than often make up for any comforts. Another point to consider when choosing your route is the time of year. The scenery might be better in spring or the trail may be closed in the winter months due to snow, especially in the Drakensberg.

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Best Seasons:All Year
Popular Location:South-Africa, Namibia