Margot and Tahnee

We have been over two weeks at home in the cold Holland. We immediately came into bad cold … the transition from 30 degrees to minus 10 degrees was too much!
We think and talk a lot about our wonderful vacation. You have given us a wonderful journey. The accommodations were wonderful and beautiful places, particularly Otters Den was a highlight … fabulous food, exciting, while sleeping with all kinds of sounds and animals around us and the outside shower is also fun. Sleeping in the Beehives was a great experience, especially the zebras and impalas to past/through your Beehive area that really is special! We’ve seen a lot, but never felt that we had to hurry back and had to leave quickly. We always got plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of the landscape and wildlife. We have also enjoyed you. You were a part of our group. It was really enjoyable! If we ever return to Africa, then we would definitely go with you to make a trip to Botswana and / or Mozambique!

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